5 Application Categories that are Silver Lining of iPhone Application Development

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When it comes to success in the field of iPhone app development, then all you can find is dark clouds of competition. The clear skies of apps that used to be five years ago is long gone. So, if an iPhone app developer or an app investor is looking for the silver lining, then he or she should proceed very carefully. Fortunately, hope is not wiped out from app market for iPhone.

There are few categories in AppStore that are thriving, and currently, it seems like there is a long time before these categories reach their saturation points. Here, we will have a look at those categories that hold the potential to generate good revenues for an iPhone app developer.

This is the one category that has remained invincible since commencement of iPhone app development. Stupendous success of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja has worked as inspiration for several developers. Though the competition is tough, still popularity of this category is good enough to reward you with at least your expected revenue. However, before uploading it into AppStore, you need to ensure that it can intrigue the players.

Social Networking
With Facebook crossing one billion users and WhatsApp becoming a mobile networking app champion, social networking category has made its way into the top iPhone app category. People just can’t get enough of clicking photos, updating them and sharing them. So, if you are willing to take a chance, then go ahead. But, once again you need to ensure that your application can strike a chord with users, and only then can they succeed.

After Apple failed to make its map app a hit, there has been a shoot up in the downloading of navigational applications. Also, apps like Scout and Waze have done extremely well at the AppStore. Right now, the navigational apps are getting excellent response from the users. So, strike the iron while it is hot. If you are an app developer, you may need to work hard; if you are an app investor, you need to spend more. But, if done with correct parameters, a navigational app can certainly reward you with good revenues.

Starting from movies and series to talking animals and HD wallpapers, iPhone app development for entertainment has enclosed almost everything it can. Talking Tom and Hulu Plus has already made themselves well acquainted with users. In fact, Tom has become the favorite ‘clumsy’ app, which is perfect for passing your time when you are doing absolutely nothing.

The best thing about entertainment is it surpasses a vast number of stuffs like web browsing, movie databases like IMDB, wallpapers, etc. You give one good app in any of these numbers, and your app is sure to go a hit.

Pandora Radio has opened a box full of opportunities for all those developers who are looking forward to make good money. With Pandora and iHeartRadio going huge, music category has gone famous. People are wildly looking for applications that can play selected music, help them make their own tunes and record their songs. If you think that you can furnish users with such applications, then your music application for iPhone can bring some good earnings for you.

There is a cut-throat competition in iPhone app development market. Choosing a popular category means going for a tough competition. The above mentioned categories are popular for iPhone development, but they do not guarantee cent percent success of your application. That depends upon an app’s usability and its usefulness. Therefore, before proceeding with iPhone app development, make sure that your app is stuffed with features that are actually needed by users because only that can make it a hit.

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