Mobile Apps in 2013: Advancement in Technology requires New Strategy

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Various enterprises have rushed into developing mobile applications for providing the ease of managing business activities. Tablets and Smartphones are improving the way business information was consumed in past. Today, mobile devices are ubiquitous and prominent in enterprises; hence businesses are looking better ways to leverage the power of app to drive business success.

enterprise mobile application trendWith 2013, businesses have encountered many positive technology changes. And, these new trends in mobile technology will promise to work in the favor of business only if it is handled with the care of creative strategy. With craze of transforming business onto mobile and enhancing the productivity, there are many challenges that enterprises have yet to welcome.

Enterprises are accustomed with adoption of mobile apps for improving customer satisfaction and accelerate time- to-market for many new products. But, often in attempts of improving business activities, mobility tends to back-fire the organization. So, what went wrong? Is it the technology that caused the failure or is it the way new trends are adopted by enterprises? Reason can be anything, but only thing that can save your organization is the awareness to new strategies for the adoption of mobile apps.

Victory Guide—Advance Strategy for Advance Technology
To champion the new generation of enterprise applications, following piece information can serve as the victory guide.

Leave Traditional, Develop New IT Structure
Many businesses find it unavoidable to leave their traditional IT practices, which include software toolkits, preferred vendors and technology platforms available to use. As mobility comes with all plans to ‘advance’ your business, you need to ‘advance’ your IT structure. Reframe your business structure to adapt new mobile approach that demands, augmented customer experience, ease and speed of app development, high volume and rapid app scaling, instant distribution and frequent updates. These demands should be combined with enterprise-grade security, effective user authenticity, efficient back-end data integration and app management.

Employ Modern Software Kits
With mobility on hype, there is a need to create, launch and integrate number of mobile apps with rapid go-to market rates. And for this, enterprises should employ modern software kits and cloud models like SaaS, PaaS, and DaaS that help in delivering speed, simplicity and agility of app development. Cloud has emerged as an important enabler of backend security and integration.

Focus On Enhanced User Experience
Besides the need for simplicity and speed, enterprises have to focus and spend more time on enhancing user experience. Study your user’s (customer or employee) needs and spend more time on developing apps with excellent mobile UX. This will ensure the adoption of apps and minimizes its declination. When it comes to app, the success and adoption depends on how powerful the app is in grabbing the user engagement. Hence, mobility vitally depends on consumerization.

Define Clear Objective
A product without any goal will serve business with no profit. How can a goalless product be fruitful? Same applies to mobile apps. Define a clear goal of your app that meets your business requirement and enhance profit. The app, if developed with a proper objective, can bring significant increase in business productivity as well as sales. The app should profit both, users and business.

The collision of new mobile trends and consumerization of IT has led to fundamental changes for enterprises. Mobile application trends of 2013 are affordable, plentiful and accessible that makes it easy for business to bypass traditional IT flaws. Mobility is helping IT companies to transform IT departments from traditional gatekeepers to business enablers. Hence, to make your mobile business a success, correct strategy that work well to leverage the benefits from mobility, is essential.

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