7 Best Tools For iPhone Web Development

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Mobile market is rising enormously in past recent years. Apple with iPhone’s regular version updates has encouraged the developers to design bespoke applications. Apple’s users often claim that their phones now do most of the work their computers used to do like web browsing, online commerce, games etc. You name them and it’s on your iPhone.

With this development in the Apple, almost everyone using apps, is eager to get on the iPhone for the promoting their online presence. As popularity of iPhone is on constant rise, due to this various companies are now engaged in developing native apps for Apple’s iOS. Apple already has very intuitive and advanced web-browser which when coupled with developers’ skill will leads to the perfect website that user may love. This fact has been a source of inspiration for web developers to design a mobile-compatible web application.

hire apple iphone web apps developer As the demand for mobile website is escalating, a web developer needs to be updated with latest change in the technological trends in iPhone. If we see from the business point of view, it’s highly imperative to appoint the professional iPhone developer for iPhone web development. The following are the quality tools available online that will help the developer for creating best mobile website.

Mobilizer: Now viewing any website on the mobile will not be a problem. Mobilizer is a great desktop application tool that allows the designer to view any website as if it would preview on a particular mobile devices. Hence, they have a clear image of how the developed website will look on different versions of iDevices and that too in a very quick manner.

Mobitest: This web-based service is mainly used to have a look for how website performs on a various number of iPhone designs and devices. The feedback report is generated accordingly and designer can refer to it whenever required. The main characteristic of this tool is that it allows the designer to compare the functionality of various websites on iDevices.

WP touch:  WordPress, as we know, is one of the easiest ways to have a responsive website. It allows with its dynamic plugins that could be easily added in the wordpress thereby creating the website of ones’ desire. WPtouch is one of such plugins which contains large variety of features that are in-built. It also assists with the option for integration with a majority of mobile networks.

MobiReady: This tool is check-yourself application for iPhone developers. They simply need to add the URL and on pressing the GO button; MobiReady will generate a complete report for the problems of the website along with the information on other areas that may be useful.

Drupal Mobile Tools: Drupal Mobile Tools is an extension to Drupal platform and it serves you by generating a mobile version of website. This can be added to any Drupal website and it will automatically generate the mobile compatible website along with various features like themes, device detection and administer settings

Mobile Joomla: A platform to a Joomla, that provides any website developed from Joomla with numerous templates. Other than templates, it also supports modules, components and multi-site advanced features

Zinadoo: Zinadoo is one of the easy drag-and-drop designing tools for mobile websites. This contains a large collection of widgets that can be easily embedded onto the page with needed functionality. This is equally helpful for creating new websites as well as with existing one.

It is very essential for web designers to abide by the needs of the market. For any developer there is lot more to learn about iPhone web development. The above mentioned tools are the excellent tools that may assist the developers to design a superior mobile website.

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