iPhone 6 – Rumors and Realities

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iPhone 6 is the most hyped and probably the best of Apple that we will witness this year. I guess this is the consequence of Tim Cook being slammed by Apple’s board members for the slow rate of innovation. Though this is true, but I would largely drift towards considering this hype as rumors.
Apple is closely spied on every action relating to the next flagship device. The upcoming device from Apple is expected to be bigger, stronger, faster, lighter and the best in the business.

The first speculation is about the name of the device. It may change as Apple changed the name of its iPad range from 1st and 2nd generation to ‘Air’. We may see the iPhone Air, and iPhone 6c, iPhone mini in the nearing future.

The next Apple unleash would have a Sapphire screen. This would give an unmatched durability to the glass of the screen. It will make the device almost indestructible. Mainly for this purpose, Apple signed a $578 million deal with GT Advanced. This alliance is expected to enable Apple the development of Sapphire screen for the expected release. The Arizona facility of Apple is already working on building these components.

Solar charging to the indestructible screen is the latest concept staged in CES 2014. Though, industry experts believe that this is a farfetched concept, which won’t debut in the market before 2015. However, Matt Margolis of Seeking Alpha believes that it is already being manufactured at the Apple’s Arizona facility.

6 inches is the new concept from Apple. This is in response to the colossal upsurge in the demand for phablets and also because, so far, Apple hasn’t tasted success from this market segment.

Maybe, Apple 6 will have a curved screen, which is more of a rumor rather than reality. Also, the home button may disappear, and the phone navigation will be controlled by gestures, which is possible. If this is so, Apple will have to find some other reliable space to place the fingerprint sensor or they may also kill the sensor authentication and introduce voice or eye-scan validation system.

These are some news, views, rumors and possibilities hovering over the next and the most anticipated iPhone release. It would be interesting to observe where the technology will be heading after the release. Will it be old wine in a new bottle or a trendsetting device that would redefine innovation?

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Is Apple Planning to Join the Phablet War or it is Just an Exaggerated Hype?

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Apple can never be kept out of rumors on the web. According to the recent speculation, Apple is planning bigger displays for its future device roll-outs. Sources also report that the company will once again launch two smartphones this summer.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on 4.5 and 5.0 inch display. However, similar news featured on QQ Tech speculating about Apple working on a 4.7 and 5.7 inch display. Apple also filed for a patent application based on Sapphire, “Attachment Techniques.” It describes ways to successfully and safely attach sapphire to the screen. Apple has already used Sapphire for the lens cover of the iPhone 5 and on the surface of the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 5s.  
The big screen speculation, and the Apple’s patent filing with the US patent and Trademark Office strengthens speculations engulfing Apple’s upcoming iPhones. In addition, the growing popularity of larger displays across the globe may have compelled Apple for larger displays.

The Phablet market is gaining momentum. There is a steep rise in the demand for phablets globally. Last year, nearly 20 million phablets (phones with more than 5.5 inch displays) were shipped globally. Further, as per the reports from researchers at Juniper Research, the figure will rise to a whooping 100 million in the coming four years. By 2018, almost 120 million phablets will be shipped.

It is a phablet feast; unfortunately, there isn’t any serving from Apple. This market is showing no signs of slowing down, and the already existing players will have the upper-hand while looking to capture major chunks of the market. Android is leading, and Windows is also catching-in with the Nokia Lumia 1520, which has been reviewed as the best Windows 8 device till date.

It would be interesting to see whether this speculation is real or just another rumor surrounding the tech-giant. There isn’t any official wording from Apple executives, but one thing is for sure, something is cooking back-stage, and most probably larger display iPhones are in the making.

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Best Mobile App Trends from 2013—Absolutely Overwhelming for Business in 2014

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With Gartner’s 2013 report expected the strong growth in mobile app downloads, hundreds and thousands of businesses invested heavily in enhancing their business possibilities by developing interactive and user-centric mobile apps. Mobile app stores has seen annual download of approximately 102 billion in 2013, up from 64 billion in 2012. With total revenue to reach $27 billion by the end of the year, businesses rummage for best mobile app trends from 2013 to enjoy the leverages in the coming year.

Having decided to develop apps for your business or making business by building apps for users will leave you with long list of questionnaires. Which app is most suited for your business or which app genre can help you generate great revenue, such questions can poke your mind while developing an app for the business. Moreover, it is always cloudy whether or not go for premium app, especially if you are developing it for the first time. So, here are some best mobile app trends from 2013 that can be carried to the coming year to enjoy the leverages for your business.

Premium is OK, but Freemium is OKAY

According to Gartner report, free apps account for 91 percent of the total downloads in 2013, thereby hinting striving businesses the new trend for app development in the coming year. Developing freemium apps for your business will definitely generate meaningful ROI. Of course, once the app gets famous you can manipulate the earned users through in-app purchases. According to recent report, in-app purchase will account for 48% of app store revenue by 2017. Moreover, if you want to place your app in right direction and among potential users, consult experts before perpetrating inevitable mistakes.

Voice Chat is IN, Text Chat is OUT

It may sound weird; who is going to stop texting anyway! But, it’s true. The coming trend in app development is saying many things that may force Text Chat to hide some place under the hood. With more and more people opting for Voice Chat, the need for immediate and fast social networking app is burgeoning. With apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, etc, gaining fame, developing such apps can promise a good return on investments. Voice messaging is the current and the coming mobile app trend for businesses.

Green Flag for Geo- social apps

As geo- social apps are connecting people and bringing the globe at their palms, investing in the development of the same will generate fruitful results. Such apps not only allow users to share their experience for the places they visited, but also make it easy to hunt for new places. So, building such apps with required features will give it the maximum downloads, hence generate the profit. Moreover, if you want to ensure the success of such app, you can consult app experts.

A Big YES to Adventurous Game Apps

Game apps are gaining tremendous wave of downloads this year. Of course, the concept and the game environment are reasons for their success, but the development of attractive characters and responsive gameplay have equally paved the way of the victory. More than 40 % of the game apps in the app store are adventure genre. With more and more user reviewing and downloading, such apps are gluing all the glitters to themselves. Adventure is a vast gaming genre that can yield challenging end-products like, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Crazy Monster Truck, etc, which engages users, and hence is the trend for coming 2014.

If you are planning to invest in the app development business, you need to take care of the changing development trends. Keeping such trends in mind, you can develop the product that not only meets your requirements, but also customer’s. These are just a few, but essential trends that have occurred in 2013 and will be followed in the coming year. Hence, one can say that following the current app development attributes and investing is going to be fruitful for businesses in 2014.

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Mobilize your Business with iPhone App Development—Benefits of Hiring iPhone Programmers

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Emerging as today’s trendy and the most sophisticated gadget, iDevices are largely adopted by people and enterprises. The security, interactivity and user-interface offered by the iDevice always tempt users to acquire one. With the majority of iPhones and iPad entering workspaces, businesses are leveraging the iCulture and embracing their enterprise into mobile driven workspace. Developing innovative and customized iPhone apps for their business is the need of the hour for many large to small businesses.

Where businesses are adopting ways to mobilize their IT infrastructure, the cost for establishing the one is always a concern. Providing affordable mobile solutions with effective end-products, iPhone app development addresses all the critical needs of the enterprise. Moreover, with skilled and experienced iPhone programmers, it becomes easy for businesses to gauge the success of the venture. Hiring iPhone programmers for building different types of apps that support your business objective and abide by all the security rules would ultimately speed up the business processes.

While adopting BYOD, a new culture of mobility, businesses are highly in need of mobility solutions for addressing the demand of their employees. One beneficial and productive way of leveraging this culture is developing engaging, though business oriented apps that tempt employees to work more progressively, thereby meeting their demands. Hence, in this case, hiring iPhone programmers from a reputed IT company is a wise decision. Businesses can get many benefits of hiring experts from an established and a reputed IT company.

Benefits of Hiring iPhone Programmers from Established IT Company

Technically Experts—Hiring app development from globally recognized company ensures that the services you avail are right from the expert’s desk. Developers are highly analytical, skilled and endowed with the latest technology trends. They are specialized in developing perfect engineered customized app for industry verticals.

Quick Turnarounds- Sharp in conceptualizing app idea and developing the one in time that meets your requirements is what makes iPhone programmers deliver the project with required qualities. Expertise in rendering rapid and smart results, developers ensure the success of your venture.

Affordable-Investing in designing whole in-house developer team will be much higher as compared to the cost required in hiring a developer as service. By hiring a team of developers from an outsourcing company, you can minimize the administration cost required for managing the full-time professionals. You get quality end-products that meet your requirements and come in budget.

Technical Support- Even after completion of the project, team offers technical support for the maintenance of the delivered project. They contribute their years of experience and sharp skills in solving project related issues in minimum time.

Employing best use of iDevices features, company provides effective solutions endowed with the latest technology. In order to transform your business into mobile-driven enterprise, it is essential to develop robust mobile apps providing ease of access to your employees. Ensuring smooth workflow and rapid access to business data, iPhone app development provides a robust platform for engineering business-oriented apps that feature both-security and usefulness.

Hiring iPhone programmers from an established company is definitely going to grow your business exponentially. Drawing a large number of customers, increasing your sale figures and addressing requisite needs of your business, mobilizing your business with iPhone app development ensures the effective online presence among your competitors. Hence, hire a good team of developers from a reputed IT company.

Now Believe that BBM for Android and iPhone is free

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Earlier last month, the company had planned to open the app, but those plans have been leaked to the public Android app with the previous version was suddenly pushed back. The announcement was made ​​at the company's corporate blog, and took time to sign up for the initial rollout BBM.com that millions of users said that was to be built. Bbm.com its services are already signed up to use the app , but for those who are not registered, you will have to download an app for that , enter your email address and wait in line .

So as The long-awaited opportunity for cross mobile platform is being gradually implemented. He had many questions after launch early last month, was delayed. Canadian company to its popular BlackBerry Messenger service, Android and iOS applications will continue to be published. It was officially BlackBerry Google Play Store, App Store, and a few select markets, it was reported the application of Samsung to launch BBM application.

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5 Application Categories that are Silver Lining of iPhone Application Development

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iphone application development
When it comes to success in the field of iPhone app development, then all you can find is dark clouds of competition. The clear skies of apps that used to be five years ago is long gone. So, if an iPhone app developer or an app investor is looking for the silver lining, then he or she should proceed very carefully. Fortunately, hope is not wiped out from app market for iPhone.

There are few categories in AppStore that are thriving, and currently, it seems like there is a long time before these categories reach their saturation points. Here, we will have a look at those categories that hold the potential to generate good revenues for an iPhone app developer.

This is the one category that has remained invincible since commencement of iPhone app development. Stupendous success of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja has worked as inspiration for several developers. Though the competition is tough, still popularity of this category is good enough to reward you with at least your expected revenue. However, before uploading it into AppStore, you need to ensure that it can intrigue the players.

Social Networking
With Facebook crossing one billion users and WhatsApp becoming a mobile networking app champion, social networking category has made its way into the top iPhone app category. People just can’t get enough of clicking photos, updating them and sharing them. So, if you are willing to take a chance, then go ahead. But, once again you need to ensure that your application can strike a chord with users, and only then can they succeed.

After Apple failed to make its map app a hit, there has been a shoot up in the downloading of navigational applications. Also, apps like Scout and Waze have done extremely well at the AppStore. Right now, the navigational apps are getting excellent response from the users. So, strike the iron while it is hot. If you are an app developer, you may need to work hard; if you are an app investor, you need to spend more. But, if done with correct parameters, a navigational app can certainly reward you with good revenues.

Starting from movies and series to talking animals and HD wallpapers, iPhone app development for entertainment has enclosed almost everything it can. Talking Tom and Hulu Plus has already made themselves well acquainted with users. In fact, Tom has become the favorite ‘clumsy’ app, which is perfect for passing your time when you are doing absolutely nothing.

The best thing about entertainment is it surpasses a vast number of stuffs like web browsing, movie databases like IMDB, wallpapers, etc. You give one good app in any of these numbers, and your app is sure to go a hit.

Pandora Radio has opened a box full of opportunities for all those developers who are looking forward to make good money. With Pandora and iHeartRadio going huge, music category has gone famous. People are wildly looking for applications that can play selected music, help them make their own tunes and record their songs. If you think that you can furnish users with such applications, then your music application for iPhone can bring some good earnings for you.

There is a cut-throat competition in iPhone app development market. Choosing a popular category means going for a tough competition. The above mentioned categories are popular for iPhone development, but they do not guarantee cent percent success of your application. That depends upon an app’s usability and its usefulness. Therefore, before proceeding with iPhone app development, make sure that your app is stuffed with features that are actually needed by users because only that can make it a hit.

Apple’s New iPhone5S or iPhone5C—Things You Should Know!

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There are various rumors about the launch of the new iteration to iPhone5 in the upcoming Apple event. In the roar of cheap and colorful iPhone, people find it a bit cloudy to assure whether or not they should wait for the new iPhone. Whenever there is any news or gossip about Apple’s event, people every time end up asking-“Will there be any iPhone out in the event, should I wait for the new iPhone 5 or just get one now?” There is a deluge of many such questions among people.

The timing of the rumors and interests make sense. As iPhone 5 had made entry to Smartphone market in September 2012, suspecting Apple for the new handset launch in September 2013 make a lot of logical sense. Yes, Apple is rumored to release not one, but two handsets together in the event.

For people who have questions like, when it is coming or if you should wait, here are some speculated things about new Apple device that you must know. Though Apple hold mute to comment on any of the following things, but it is anyway worth knowing for users.

iPhone5 & iPhone5S Will Share Design Similarities
iPhone 5S will have similar design as that of iPhone 5 with few added features. If you are expecting bigger screen for new iPhone, think again! With iPhone5, do not expect for any bigger screen. A recent report says Apple is testing 5.7 inch and 4.7 inch screens for phones, but whether or not this testing is for new iPhone is not confirmed.

Fingerprint Sensor will be Standout Feature for New iPhone 
With Siri being a standout feature for iPhone4S, fingerprint sensor is speculated standout feature for iPhone5S. According to 9to5Mac, iPhone5S will have this feature along with circular home button. Apple buying AuthenTec and folder name ‘biometrickitUI’ found in iOS7 software code, are the supporting evidence for the feature. 

Improved Camera and Processor
New iPhone will have improved processor, may be called as A7 processor, which naturally be faster and more efficient. It will have improved battery packed with greater megapixel camera and dual LED flash.

Apple has not commented on any of these points, but confirmed that the iPhone will be running on iOS7 operating system. The company completely revamped its new OS in June, and now people are waiting to see the new avatar of new iPhone series. With icons, animations and features, company gave a complete face-lift to the software. Let’s wait and watch how the new iPhone live up to our expectations or speculations.

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